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Team Selection

Team selection for all friendly matches
can now be found by following the link below
as well as being displayed in the clubhouse.

You need to be given acces to open the link; contact Len Cooke for this.
Once you have opened the link you can 'tick off' on-line by entering a "y" or "n" in the yellow cells.

Please DO NOT click on the "+" symbol on the sheet.
This adds a new sheet and means I then have to delete it (which I've now done 89 91 times!!)

You can still 'tick off' on the printed sheet in the clubhouse in the normal way if you prefer.
You only need to 'tick off' once - either on-line or at the club; either place is acceptable

If you 'tick off' on-line then please let the captain of the day know if you require a lift, have any special dietary requirements, or are bringing a guest.