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Roll Up Booking

The club is now closed. No roll ups are permitted

Instructions on how to complete the booking form 
are in the yellow cells to the right of the form

Two weeks booking are shown on the form. At the end of the week on the Saturday the old week will be deleted and a new week added.

If you are having isssues accessing the booking page or making your booking then please note that you must have 2 things to gain access to the booking form and book a rink.

First you need to have said you wish to bowl and have said you will abide by the clubs guidelines. This information was obtained from you by email. If you have done this then your name will appear in the 'drop down' list on the booking form; otherwise not.
If, for whatever reason, you have not done this then please contact the assistant club secretary (Arleen).

Secondly, you need to have been given access to the form iteslf.
If last season you registered to “tick off” for friendly games on the website you will find that you already have access.
But if you don’t have access you will find that a “request access” box appears when you click the link above.
Just submit that with your name in the comments box. 
You will receive notification once access has been granted.
(please be patient waiting for this as it may take several hours)