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How to find Us

We are located on the Reading Road just 20 yards west of the traffic lights at the junction with Station Link Road. See detailed directions below.

For satnavs
use postcode RG41 1EG.
This will direct you almost directly opposite our entrance drive. Nevertheless please refer to guidance below to locate our entrance.

Using Google; details should  be obtainable from Google maps by entering Wokingham Bowling Club in the search box.

The  Google map that then appears is shown here;


Wokingham Bowling Club

The club entrance has a blue sign for Wokingham Bowling Club outside it but neither the greens nor the clubhouse are visible from the road. The entrance is shared with Beeches Manor and the Beeches Manor  sign is  more prominent than our sign at the entrance. Our gates are now halfway up the drive. Please drive slowly and take care of exiting traffic as the drive is narrow!

Approaching from the east
(i.e. going towards Wokingham town centre).

From the east  our entrance is the second one on the left after Holt Lane; directly before (about 20 yards) the set of traffic lights. The Reading Road has some "Keep Clear" road markings directly outside our entrance; these are the 2nd set of "Keep Clear" road markings as you approach the traffic lights.  Note that "Beeches Manor" sign (which is now white) on the far side of the entrance is more prominent  than our blue sign to the left of the entrance.

Approaching from the west and south
 (i.e. away from Wokingham town centre).
Entrance is on right just in front of red car in photo: get into right hand filter lane immediately after traffic lights.

If you are travelling west along Reading Road then about 300 yards after Shute End (the junction of Reading Road and Station Road), go over the set of lights at the junction with  Station Link Road and immediately take the first slip lane on the right to turn into our entrance.

If you approach us from the south then the one way system around the railway station will bring you along Station Link Road. At the lights at the top of this road turn left and then immediately right into our drive ( in the photo you will be arriving out of the road shown on the left). For the return journey do not use Station Link Road but go down Station Road itself (Station Road is now one way).


View up entrance drive